“Real connoisseurs don’t drink wine: they taste secrets!”

– Salvador Dali

Our Mission

Fleur de LA imports and distributes a pronounced portfolio of wines & spirits from prestigious wine regions and distinguished distillers from all around the world. We not only guarantee the origin of our products, but we also ensure the quality of our service from the time any order is placed until the shipment is received.

We specialize in moving the world’s highest quality wines & spirits by the container, not simply by the case. Our unique pricing structure and business model is particularly suited to the volume customer. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with the best chateaux, producers, estates and negociants, Fleur de LA can satisfy any palate.

From the most sought-after First Growth Bordeaux, Grands Crus, award-winning spirits to Petits Châteaux and excellent value wines, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you the best wines & spirits to meet your customers’ needs.

Fleur De LA Imports is proud to be an affiliate of MISA Imports. As a partner for this world renowned importer, we are honored to be able to represent the offerings of this company. Please visit their website for the latest finds.